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About Us

Blue Australasia  is an Australian company that was founded on Australia Day, 2014. Blue draws its name from the observation that the Earth, when viewed from space, is blue. This is also the source of the name for The Blue Economy which is one of the frameworks through which Blue Australasia views the world.

Blue comprises a group of experts with a range of specialities that are able to help organisations transform away from a model referred to as Business as Usual to a model that is more enduring.

The Blue Team have a vision to create transformational change and build a more successful, profitable and sustainable future for all by bringing these successful ideas to other organisations.

Blue is headquartered in Sydney. Our collaborative structure enables us to undertake transformational projects across Australasia and internationally.

Within Blue's portfolio of skills are the following:

> Advisory and Consulting
> Agribusiness
> Architecture
> Carbon Audits and Reduction Strategies
> Clean Technology
> Corporate Finance
> Communication consulting
> Engineering
> Integrative Design
> Internal Culture Building
> Integrated Design Process
> Intermediary Services
> Research
> Scientific Research
> Strategic consulting
> Training
> Urban Planning

The group has links into a broader network of knowledge, institutions and academia, including global universities and the ‘top 100 technological innovations that can change the world’ through Labs and Research.